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 KAZI LAW FIRM is a law firm in Bangladesh aiming to provide honest, effective, timely and bonafide legal services to its clients. It has highly qualified and efficient Lawyers working in the firm who can advise on any legal issues and also represent clients in any litigations.

Our Law Firm in Bangladesh help you any issue regarding law.We are experts in any litigations i.e. cases before any court of law be that Bangladesh Supreme Court, Judges Court, Labour Court, Magistrates Courts etc.

The offices of the KAZI LAW FIRM is situated in 8,Nazir Ahmed Chy by Lane, Chairman Goli,Anderkilla,Kotwali,Chittagong,Bangladesh, and the court office is situated in Chittagong Bar Association New Building,Court Hill,Chittagong,Bangladesh.. We also have office in DhakaCity in Bangladesh.

The specialty of the law firm in Bangladesh is that we always try to find out what is the desired outcome of the clients from the services we are rendering to them; and we plan our course of action to meet the desired goal of the client and thus we i.e. KAZI LAW FIRM in Bangladesh Law Firm and our client walk in the same path and try together to reach the common goal.

KAZI LAW FIRM Bangladesh Law Firmis particularly inclined to advise Nonresident Bangladeshi living abroad on any legal issues be that Divorce, property dispute, family issues, child custody, immigration, criminal charges brought in Bangladesh, property disputes.

The Head of the Chambers Advocate Kazi M.Iqbal is an experienced Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh who appears regularly before the Supreme Court and other courts in Writ (Constitutional matters), company matters, Property disputes, Family and Criminal matters and also advises different Public and Private organizations on Banking and finance, employment matter, corporate issues, Divorce and child custody etc in Bangladesh.

E-mail: adv.kazimiqbal66@gmail.com

Web Site- https://sites.google.com/site/advocatekazimiqbal

My SKYPE ID is  advocate.kazi. m.iqbal

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Welcome to the Law Offices of  ADVOCATE KAZI M. IQBAL. This site is designed to provide information about our firm and the services we offer. We are glad you have chosen to visit this website. We hope you find the information you are looking for and return often.  
We offer a broad range of legal services to our diverse clientele that includes individual, businesses, corporations, professionals, and institutions.

We provide cost-effective, efficient, timely, and ethical legal services. We work on your concerns and problems by maximizing your investment with minimum exposure.
As  a full service law firm we assist our clients in  all  their  requirements  in  any  field  of   Legal  Services  in  Civil ,  Criminal  litigation, labor&Industrial, Commercial litigations,corporate law, Banking law, taxation, etc. Our law Practice has no limit. We do not believe in boundary .
We are responsive, reliable and respectful to our clients. We will provide you the comfort as follows:

A) Initial consultation, where you can raise your concerns and discuss matters with confidence and ease, since everything you inform and discuss with us is strictly confidential.

B) Excellent customer service, by treating you with courtesy and respect, listening to your matters and concerns, find ways to resolve your concerns, making your experience with us pleasant and easy.

C) Easy accessibility, we can serve you at various locations at your convenience.

D) Frequent updated information, we communicate and provide you new information on regular basis relevant to your matter.

E) Flexible payment options, we may offer flexible payment options, if possible, and you can always enquire about various payment options you can afford to ensure your comfort.

F) Low price match option, if you have a price for your legal matter from any reputable law firm within our practising areas, we will try to match the price, if possible.
G) No hidden fees, we guarantee you that there will never any hidden fees for our service.

H) One-stop service for various matters, we practise various areas of law and you may not have to go to somewhere else, if needed, for your other legal matter.

I) Prompt response, in case we miss your call, we will respond your call within 24 hours or any time at your convenience

J) Personalized service, we provide personalized service in a cost–effective manner.

K) Prompt service, at competitive rates while promoting your best interests.

L)Trained staffs, ensure excellent customer care, good manners and etiquettes.

M) Weekend appointments, you can book an appointment on Friday & Saturday  in addition to our regular office hours.

We are committed to quality service. We handle matter with a sense of urgency by devoting ourselves to create a positive experience for you. We will ensure that we serve you well at every stage of your matter by tailoring our service in accordance to your needs.
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